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"Deep dark vibes with mixture of deathcore and doom metal"

from Izmir / Turkey

It is founded in 2019 in Izmir. At that time Kaan and Onur is already in their bands made great impact in Izmir area and they decided to make vibes go low, dark and solid to make better impact on what they were already doing but with a new name. They arranged the band "Knell" together and decided to join Deniz and Arda to Knell.

Knell release 2 episodes, 6 video clips and 3 singles so far..

All of them are available on major digital platforms.

Currently in the middle of preparing 3. episode.

Band members;

Onur Ağar - Guitars and Synthz

Kaan Karasu - Guitars

Arda Özgültekin - Vocals

Deniz Traka - Drums

knell band picture
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